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Today's chinking products are designed to look like the old time mortar but have much higher performance characteristics.

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Log Home Stain

Log home stains are specifically designed to protect your wood in the harshest elements.

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Log Caulking

Log caulking materials are designed to expand and contract as your logs take on and give off moisture.

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Restoration & More

Log home restoration can be extremely rewarding if the right steps and products are used to accomplish your goals.

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Masonry Products

Whether you are refurbishing or repairing it is important to select the right product so you only have to do the job once.

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Copper Caps

Copper Caps are a very stylish choice that helps prevent post rot caused by the element.

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Welcome to Mountain Home Building Products

Trusted Source For Chinking, Log Cabin Siding, Maintenance & Supplies
Welcome to the MOUNTAIN HOME BUILDING PRODUCTS site! We’re glad you stopped by and we’d like to share a bit about the many products we offer and the important role we play in the log-home industry. Our goal is to continue to share our expertise concerning building, restoration and maintenance products that are particularly log-home specific, as well as provide and distribute top-of-the-line products for commercial and residential markets. We are proud to be ranked among the most trusted of log-home product distributors in the entire world! Our vast inventory of interior and exterior products is all-inclusive; and you won’t find a more comprehensive selection of log-home materials under one roof, anywhere else! Perhaps you simply have questions regarding log-home materials, renovation techniques or maintenance insight. If so, we will gladly address any inquiries you might have. Our customer-service is unsurpassed and we, truly, cater to our valued clientele. We stand by that promise!  We Offer The Best Log Home Supplies.  It’s no secret that Mountain Home Building Products is a leading contender as a distributor of superior-quality log-home products. We specialize in a wide variety of log home materials including, but not limited to:
  • Log home stains
  • Interior clear finishes
  • Chinking and caulking
  • Wood cleaners
  • Restorative & preservative products
  • Specialty application tools
  • Copper post caps
Unique log cabin siding materials
If there is one thing Mountain Home Building Products knows and demands, its quality; and we represent only top-of-the-line manufacturers. Within our log home product inventory, you will find industry-acclaimed brands such as Weathrall as well as TimberEdge, Organiclear, Outlast and other well-recognized companies.
Log-Home Chinking
Chinking, being the needed sealant between the horizontal joints of logs, has dramatically evolved over the many decades of log-home history. At one time, chinking materials were, basically, whatever one could scrounge up—mud, rocks, moss, twigs, horsehair, hemp fibers soaked in oil—you name it! Fortunately, things have changed for the better; and not only have chinking materials radically improved, but how one getsthose materials couldn’t be easier! At Mountain Home Building Products you’ll find the exact chinking product you need; and our specialists can help you select the perfect match for your chinking project—even down to the color or texture you desire! Give us a call for a free color chart and share any questions you might have—we’ll have the answers for you! Mountain Home Building Products prides itself as being an exclusive dealer of Triple Stretch and TimberEdge chinking materials. These products are industry-applauded and customer-preferred due to their ease of application and durability rating—only the best!
Triple Stretch
Introduced more than 30 years ago, Triple Stretch was the first all-acryliclog-home chinking product! It offers a genuinely HISTORIC appearance and boasts of being the only chinking product that can make that claim. It expands farther, without compromising effectiveness, more than any chinking product manufactured today! Triple Stretch, available in a host of color choices, can be used on the outside as well as the interior, is very easy to apply and has a lifetime warranty!
Log-Home Stains
Wood that is left unprotected will quickly deteriorate by cracking, peeling, discoloring and possibly harbor mold and mildew. Choosing the right kind of log home stain for your log-home investment is crucial; and log-home stains are specifically designed to protect wood in even the harshest of environments. Unlike paint, which sits on the surface of the wood, log home staining products actually become absorbed deep into the wood’s pores and fiber; and different types of wood will yield different results with any given stain. The natural color of a wood, as well as the wood’s porousness, can dramatically affect how a log home stain will alter the wood’s original color. It’s very important to keep in mind that it’s far more difficult to undo a log cabin stain than it is to select the most compatible log cabin stain color and type, from the very beginning. Our professionals, at Mountain Home Building Products, will be happy to sit down with you to discuss which water or oil-based stain selections would work best for your particular project. All stains for log homes are not created equally; and while some log stains are good, there are others that are superior in quality, durability, coverage rate, compatibility with caulk and chinking products, richness of color etc. A few of our quality stain products include:
UV Guard Log Stain
UV Guard Log Stain was specifically developed to contain highly-advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers which offer far greater protection and longevity to wood surfaces that are continually exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays. This remarkable stain is very effective as an exterior wood finish and can be used on fences, shingles and other vertical surfaces. Interior woods that are exposed to sunlight will also benefit, greatly, with UV Guard Log Stain. Choose from a variety of colors!
Nature’s Edge Transparent Log Stain
Nature’s Edge Wood Finish is a penetrating, natural long oil alkyd resin that uses non-polluting water as its main solvent. This is a truly green and environmentally-friendly product since its alkyd resin is produced from renewable resources! It penetrates deeply into wood to increase the beauty and longevity of your wood products. We highly recommend Nature’s Edge Transparent for long-term, exterior wood protection from the never-ending assault of sunlight, wind and water.
Organiclear IWF-Poly
Organiclear IWF-Poly is a remarkable polyurethane blend of oils and resins which dramatically give log surfaces a luxurious luster! The low-gloss film allows wood to breathe; and with a single coat, your wood is protected with a durable finish that is highly resistant to scuffing and scratching! Take your time and click onto our ‘Log-Home Stain’ information page to view our other quality stain products. Give us a call if you would like samples or literature to begin that very important selection!
Log Home Supplies
Having the correct supplies on hand before any refurbishing takes place will keep your project work-time on schedule and uninterrupted. Sure, we have your caulking, stains, epoxies, primers, cleaners and all the other application materials, but Mountain Home Building Products doesn’t stop there. We supply a great selection of tools, as well, including but not limited to:
Cox Caulking Guns
Cox caulking guns, used for chinking or caulking applications, are available as manual or bulk loading guns. Whether you need a 10.3 oz. capacity gun or a 20 or 30 oz. variety, all our Cox guns are built with ‘Wear Compensating Device’ technology that offers total trigger action from the initial application to the very last. And don’t forget the Cox Follow Plate designed to be used with all our Cox caulking guns. These plates are very effective with speeding up caulking or chinking jobs.
Backer Rods
Our Gripstrip variety is an exterior/interior closed cell backer rod that is worth its weight in gold! These ‘gems’ are shaped like a trapezoid; and this unique shaping is, by far, the most effective geometric design since it allows for beautiful and effortless compression to provide unparalleled fit for all log types. It provides a 2-point sealant adhesion and actually helps to monitor and control the depth of the chinking material. Gripstrip backer rods are incredibly easy to maneuver and apply, and are available anywhere from 3/4” widths all the way to 3” widths.
Osborne Brushes
Our Osborne brushes are designed to be used with either an angle grinder or car buffer to clean and polish logs. Structurally, the nylon bristles are generously embedded with special abrasives to remove bruises, pitch and wood pulp very effectively. They also aid in effortlessly smoothing fuzzy or rough logs that have been subjected to power washing, chemical stripping or media blasting. Our 80-grit Osborne brushes are available in 4” or 6” varieties.
Copper Caps
You’ll love Mountain Home Building Products’ copper post caps! Not only will they protect your log or deck post, but copper post caps will add a rich embellishment which will, eventually, develop an expected and naturally-beautiful patina coloration over time. Whether round or straight-edged styling, you have to see these little beauties to appreciate their good looks! Easy to install and available in a variety of sizes, you’ll have friends and neighbors admiring these eye-catchers from afar! To get a full-blown appreciation of our expansive inventory of products and supplies, leisurely tour the rest of our website and; if you’re in the Denver vicinity, visit any one of our four store locations! Solid copper kick plates, foundation coating, stucco finishing, borate treatment products, wood hardeners, epoxies and a host of other products are all available to ensure that your log-home projects will yield stunning, long-lasting results!
Log Home Maintenance
Unless your beautiful log-home or log-building is properly maintained, age and natural elements will take its toll. Annual inspections, proper cleaning and protective and proactive maintenance will keep your very personal investment looking new and beautiful for many decades to come. A yearly assessment for indications of decay, fungus, mildew and water damage will save time, money, effort and headaches down the road. Here are a few tips from the experts: Use a water spray bottle to wet the logs’ surfaces on areas that appear the most weathered or dulled. If water mist beads off, the finish is not compromised. If the water is absorbed, add an additional maintenance coat of clear UV Guard or UV Guard ll.  Pay attention to upward facing checks that could allow infiltration of air, moisture and insects. If checks are found to be large, fill the split with a piece of backer rod, and trim as needed and insert it to lie about ¼” below the surface of the check. Caulk, and trowel tightly, to the edges of the check. Be sure to caulk the entire area of the split on the butt ends of the logs. For checks smaller than 1/8th of an inch, omit the baker rod and seal the top ¼” of the check with UV Guard Premium Caulking.  Inspect caulking around doors and windows, making sure the seal is tight. UV Guard Premium Caulking will rectify any issues if there are signs of tears or adhesion loss.  Make sure any chinking does not show signs of pulling away or cracking due to predictable log movement. If chinking or caulking has torn, or is otherwise compromised, cut out the old chinking and replace with new sealant; and blend the texture, via troweling or brushing. If chinking or caulking has debonded from the logs’ surfaces, clean the affected surfaces and rough the area before the new sealant is applied. Carefully check the siding of the home or structure and look for any indications of fading or dried appearance. Immediately rectify any of these issues. Badly weathered wood should be sanded down to fresh wood and UV Guard or UV Guard Exterior ll Wood Finish should be applied.  Check wood for surface decay, mold and mildew. Moisture is the culprit if these unwanted conditions become apparent. Keep wood dry as much as possible—for example, sprinklers should be routed away from the home, if feasible. If mold or mildew is present, clean wood with a commercial, non-acid cleaner and rinse thoroughly. You’ll want to test the wood with Litmus paper to verify a pH neutral surface. Once the wood has been allowed to dry for several days, sand the wood down to the fresh wood and use a mildewcide additive with UV Guard or UV Guard ll Wood Finish. Several coats of the finish would be prudent.  If logs appear problem-free, hose off any dust or debris from all surface area and allow wood to thoroughly dry. Apply a maintenance coat of UV Guard or UV Guard ll Exterior Wood Finish which should be applied every 3-5 years!  Your log-home is a huge investment and keeping it ‘healthy’ should be an on-going process. Just a little amount of ‘elbow grease’ will result in a big amount of personal satisfaction and peace of mind!
You Have Our Assurance!
Because we understand that a first-choice isn’t always the final choice, Mountain Home Building Products offers a NO-RESTOCKING-FEE return policy! Any unopened item returned within 30 days, from the date of purchase, is fully refundable. Simply contact us to redeem a return authorization number prior to your product’s return. Our team at Mountain Home Building Products looks to speaking with you to discuss your log-home or commercial-building needs—whether new construction, renovation, preservation or maintenance, our log-home supplies are among the best in the world! And, our shipping is FREE! Mountain Home Building Products is headquartered just outside of Denver, Colorado.
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