How To Prevent Trees From Falling On Your Mountain Home

4879109738_8d1614b2bdTrees are an important aspect of your home’s curb appeal, but they can cause problems if you don’t properly maintain them. Live, decaying, or dead trees close to your log cabin or mountain home can pose a potential safety hazard. Don’t take a risk; find out ways you can prevent trees from falling around or on your home. [Read more…]

4 Common Mistakes of DIY Chinking

Untitled2Chinking is a filler material that’s typically applied between the joints in log home constructions. Modern chinking products are far more advanced than their traditional mortar counterparts, but most retain the same overall appearance for a rustic finish. If you’re adding chinking to your home, it’s important to research the process carefully, so you don’t make these common mistakes. [Read more…]

Tools for Quality Chinking

Chinking is an attractive and functional addition to any log home. This material efficiently fills the gaps between logs, improving your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. You can apply chinking yourself, but it’s important to have the right tools on hand for the job.  [Read more…]

Preparing for Spring Log Home Maintenance

Sure, we may be in the depth of winter now, but Spring will be here in the blink of an eye. With spring just around the corner, the snow will soon clear and it will be time to start your annual spring maintenance routine. The windows will need washing, the garden will need raking and the lawnmower will need to be fired up for the first time in a long time. It’s a busy time of year for all of us and you shouldn’t neglect some simple maintenance checks on your log home.

Spring is a great time to get back in the fresh air and the outdoors after being stuck inside in the cold, dark winter months. Put your time outdoors to good use and get your home in the best shape possible after the harsh winter weather. Start preparing for summer with our top tips for your annual spring log home maintenance routine. [Read more…]

Tips to Avoid Winter Damage from Snow, Ice and Water

Winter is upon us and that means wrapping up warm and protecting yourself from the cold weather outside. Cold weather can wreak havoc not only on your health during winter but on the health of your home too.

Ice, snow and water all have the potential to do a lot of damage to your log home—damage from winter weather is the third highest reason for property loss—but by taking a few simple precautions you can avoid unnecessary repairs come spring. Don’t become another statistic but instead protect your home this winter with these simple yet highly effective tips. [Read more…]

Log Home Stain for Sun Protection

If you own a log home in a dryer state, there is a chance you haven’t given much thought to staining your home. Once it was built, it was probably given a coat of stain, but you had always understood that the stain was to protect the wood against water damage. You aren’t alone. There are many people who don’t stain their homes because it’s simply too dry and never rains.

Unfortunately, rain and moisture aren’t the only things that can damage your log home. The sun’s UV rays can be very damaging to your home, and can cause just as damaging of structural issues. Keeping your log home well maintained means taking care of the whole thing. If you want to keep your home looking great, you will need to protect it against the sun’s harmful rays too. [Read more…]

The Importance of Overhangs and Gutters in Log Home Construction

Your log home is meant to withstand harsh winds, rainy days, and time itself. It was built to last and you maintain it the best you can in order to keep it looking great year after year. Yet despite all of your hard work, the bottom layer of logs is showing signs of rot. Why is that?

Unfortunately for you, your log home may not have adequate overhangs or gutters. You aren’t alone in this, however. There are many homeowners like you who don’t have the proper length of overhang built during their log home construction. [Read more…]

5 More Myths About Log Homes

Log HouseDon’t let these myths, often perpetuated by well-meaning friends and relatives, dissuade you from living in a log home. They might think they have your best interest in mind, but it’s best not to listen to someone who hasn’t actually lived in a log home. Someone who has will confirm that the following five issues are indeed, myths. [Read more…]

Tips For Preventing Termites

You would think that a log home would be a big attraction for termites, but luckily they are no more susceptible to termite invasion than a wooden framed home. In fact, if termites do for some reason take up residence in your log home, it is much easier to detect at an early stage and therefore prevent extensive damage. In any case, there are positive steps you can take to make sure termites are never a problem in the first place. [Read more…]