Log Home Chinking, Caulking, Staining, Sealing, Re-Chinking, Re-Caulking, Re-Staining, Re-Sealing

Before or after buying your log home there are certain things every log homeowner should know. Some things might be open for debate but one thing is for sure, your log home will require attention.

This doesn’t mean that you will spend all of your waking hours staining, caulking, sealing, chinking, re-caulking, re-chinking and re-sealing. It does mean that you will need to pay attention to your log home like you might pay attention to your car. Below you will find some helpful tips and information to guide you through owning a log home. [Read more…]

Does Your Log Home Need Chinking: Chinking Mistakes to Avoid

Chinking for log homes can be used for aesthetic reasons or can be done to ensure the elements stay outside. Some homeowners like the look of chinking while others don’t want to see any chinking on their home. Typically chinking is required on your log home if you meet any of the following criteria: [Read more…]

Log Home Finishing Terms

Building, maintaining or living in a log home? There may be some terms you don’t know! Mountain Home Building Products is here to help with our glossary of log home finishing terms! [Read more…]