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PC-Woody® Wood Epoxy Paste

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PC-Rot Terminator® Wood Hardener

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Tim-bor Wood Borate Treatment


Smart Strip™ Advanced Wood Stain Remover

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Osborn Nylon Buffing Brushes

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Cox Manual Caulking/Chinking Gun


Albion Bulk Loading Caulking/Chinking Gun


Chinking/Caulking Application Trowels


Wooster Synthetic Block Stain Brushes


Grip Strip Backer Rod

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Closed Cell Round Backer Rod


Lime Clean Wood & Deck Cleaner


Albion Threaded Follow Plate



Log Home Maintenance and Restoration

Log home restoration can be accomplished through a number of different products and/or procedures. Most re-applications of stain only require a light rinsing or hand sanding prior to staining. If your logs are weathered and require more attention, you may need to use a stripping agent, a wood brightener/cleaner or blast media. All of these processes can be done by the DIYer but you should proceed with caution as not to create more problems for yourself. Log home restoration can be extremely rewarding if the right steps and products are used to accomplish your goals. Please call us at Mountain Home Building Products if we can assist you with your next log home restoration project.

Buy from our selection of Log Home Trowels, Wooster Block Brushes and Round Brushes, Round Rod, Smart Strip, Wood Cleaner, Wood Epoxy, Wood Rot Kits, Wood Treatments, Caulk Guns, and Grip Strip.

Unless your beautiful log-home or log-building is properly maintained, age and natural elements will take its toll. Annual inspections, proper cleaning and protective and proactive maintenance will keep your very personal investment looking new and beautiful for many decades to come. A yearly assessment for indications of decay, fungus, mildew and water damage will save time, money, effort and headaches down the road. Here are a few tips from the experts: Use a water spray bottle to wet the logs’ surfaces on areas that appear the most weathered or dulled. If water mist beads off, the finish is not compromised. If the water is absorbed, add an additional maintenance coat of clear UV Guard or UV Guard ll.  Pay attention to upward facing checks that could allow infiltration of air, moisture and insects. If checks are found to be large, fill the split with a piece of backer rod, and trim as needed and insert it to lie about ¼” below the surface of the check. Caulk, and trowel tightly, to the edges of the check. Be sure to caulk the entire area of the split on the butt ends of the logs. For checks smaller than 1/8th of an inch, omit the baker rod and seal the top ¼” of the check with UV Guard Premium Caulking.  Inspect caulking around doors and windows, making sure the seal is tight. UV Guard Premium Caulking will rectify any issues if there are signs of tears or adhesion loss.  Make sure any chinking does not show signs of pulling away or cracking due to predictable log movement. If chinking or caulking has torn, or is otherwise compromised, cut out the old chinking and replace with new sealant; and blend the texture, via troweling or brushing. If chinking or caulking has debonded from the logs’ surfaces, clean the affected surfaces and rough the area before the new sealant is applied. Carefully check the siding of the home or structure and look for any indications of fading or dried appearance. Immediately rectify any of these issues. Badly weathered wood should be sanded down to fresh wood and UV Guard or UV Guard Exterior ll Wood Finish should be applied.  Check wood for surface decay, mold and mildew. Moisture is the culprit if these unwanted conditions become apparent. Keep wood dry as much as possible—for example, sprinklers should be routed away from the home, if feasible. If mold or mildew is present, clean wood with a commercial, non-acid cleaner and rinse thoroughly. You’ll want to test the wood with Litmus paper to verify a pH neutral surface. Once the wood has been allowed to dry for several days, sand the wood down to the fresh wood and use a mildewcide additive with UV Guard or UV Guard ll Wood Finish. Several coats of the finish would be prudent.  If logs appear problem-free, hose off any dust or debris from all surface area and allow wood to thoroughly dry. Apply a maintenance coat of UV Guard or UV Guard ll Exterior Wood Finish which should be applied every 3-5 years!  Your log-home is a huge investment and keeping it ‘healthy’ should be an on-going process. Just a little amount of ‘elbow grease’ will result in a big amount of personal satisfaction and peace of mind!