Cox Caulking Guns

Cox caulking guns, used for chinking or caulking applications, are available as manual or bulk loading guns. Whether you need a 10.3 oz. capacity gun or a 20 or 30 oz. variety, all our Cox guns are built with ‘Wear Compensating Device’ technology that offers total trigger action from the initial application to the very last. And don’t forget the Cox Follow Plate designed to be used with all our Cox caulking guns. These plates are very effective with speeding up caulking or chinking jobs.


Osborne Brushes

Our Osborne brushes are designed to be used with either an angle grinder or car buffer to clean and polish logs. Structurally, the nylon bristles are generously embedded with special abrasives to remove bruises, pitch and wood pulp very effectively. They also aid in effortlessly smoothing fuzzy or rough logs that have been subjected to power washing, chemical stripping or media blasting. Our 80-grit Osborne brushes are available in 4” or 6” varieties.