Lime Clean Wood & Deck Cleaner


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Primary Use: Removes Mill Glaze, Dirt, Grease and Mold & Mildew.
Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days
Coverage Rate: 500 Square Feet (Average)

Product Description: 

Lime Clean works fast! It is a mineral based replacement for the use of toxic bleach as an outdoor wood cleaner.  It is practically odorless and contains no bleach or chlorine and therefore does not create acid rain or leach into groundwater systems.  Lime Clean easily nuetralizes and washes tannic acid off the surface leaving the surface ready to be coated. This means that dense or oily wood that wouldn't accept other stains can finally look the way you want it. Simply wash with Lime Clean and you are ready to stain.


Always test first. Wear rubber gloves & boots and goggles, long pants and shirt. Protect your plants. Soak the wood with water. Brush, roll or airless spray Lime Clean on and allow it to sit and do it's work for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not allow it to dry. Lightly mist with water every 3-5 minutes or as needed. Scrub stained areas. Use a stiff bristle scrub brush on a pole or an old paint brush for rails. Rinse with a jet stream hose until clean or use a pressure washer with a 15 degree nozzle (avoid furring up the wood by staying away approx. 12-24 inches depending on condition & hardness of the wood.) After rinsing, If the wood color darkens and you want it lighter pour white distilled vinegar on the wood for 10 minutes and rinse.  Rinse Lime Clean into the soil with large amounts of water to dilute it. Protect plants before starting on your project.

Product PDF's:  Datatech Sheet, MSDS Sheet

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