Osborn Nylon Buffing Brushes

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Primary Use: Smooth the disturbed wood fiber from your logs caused by chemical stripping, pressure washing, or media blasting.
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Product Description: 

Osborn Buffing Brushes are used with either an angle grinder or car buffer to clean and polish logs. The nylon bristles are heavily impregnated with abrasives, which aid in the removal of rough bruises, pitch, and wood pulp. The brushes also work well on fuzzy or rough logs caused by powerwashing. 


Use the 4" brush on a 4" angle grinder with a 5/8" arbor. Take care not to burn your logs when using the four inch brush. Brushes will last much longer if a car buffer is used due to the slower rotational speed.  Although these brushes are rated up to 6000 RPM, we suggest an operating speed around 1800 RPM. The slower speed will greatly prolong the life of the brush and will also minimize the possibility of burning the logs. The brushes are not intended for heavy duty sanding.

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