Weatherall Log Guard Interior Clear Coat


  • Does Not Yellow
  • Dries Crystal Clear
  • No Offensive Odor
  • Compatible with Most Sealants
  • Hard Urethane-Like Finish


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Primary Use: Clear Interior Finish for Logs
Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days
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Product Description:

LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat is an advanced, water-based formulation of tested and proven latex acrylics. Manufactured in a non-yellowing clear satin, LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat protects interior wood surfaces with a tough, durable, urethane-like finish that enhances the beauty of the wood. It has an extremely low VOC content of 60 g/l that exceeds the current regulations making it environmentally safe. Finally, it has no offensive odor usually associated with many other clear finishes.  Best results are achieved after 2-3 coats.


LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat can be easily applied by brush, airless sprayer or pump style garden sprayer. If spray application is used, back brushing is mandatory. If a color coat is desired you may apply a coat of UV GUARD Interior/Exterior Wood Finish before the LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat. For best results wait 24 hours before applying your first coat of LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat. Lightly sand between coats of LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat with fine sandpaper. Make sure that all dust is removed from the wood surface prior to application of LOG GUARD Interior Clear Coat and between subsequent coats.  Best results are achieved after 2-3 coats.

Why Buy LOG GUARD Interior Clear Finish?

UV Protection, Resists Cleaners & Detergents, Easy Application by Brush or Spray, Safe For Interior or Exterior Use, Engineered Green Qualified- Low VOC Formula, Water Clean Up, Low Odor and Compatible with Most Chinking & Caulking Materials 

 Product PDF's:  Datatech Sheet, SDS Sheet, Brochure

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