Nature's Edge Translucent Wood Finish



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Primary Use: Sealing Interior or Exterior Logs, Siding or Fences
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Product Description: Nature’s Edge Translucent Wood Finish delivers rich and deeper tones than most other exterior stain products.  It is optimized to deliver our penetrating natural long oil alkyd resin into the wood with non-polluting water as our solvent. The fact that our waterborne oil penetrates into the wood instead of forming a film on the surface is vital to both protection and longevity. When applied and maintained properly Nature’s Edge will preserve and protect the beauty of wood from the assault of sunlight, wind and water. All exterior wood finishes require maintenance and none can be expected to last forever without it. While the interval between maintenance coats is highly dependent upon environmental conditions, we and many others strongly believe Nature’s Edge wood finish is the preferred choice for long term wood protection.

Application:  Apply (2) coats of Nature's Edge Translucent Wood Finish.

Why Buy Nature's Edge Translucent  Wood Finish?

Longevity, Environmentally Friendly, Low VOC Formula & Biocide Protection

 Product PDF's:  Datatech Sheet, MSDS Sheet, Application Guide

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