Organiclear IWF-Alkyd Interior Wood Finish



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Primary Use: Sealing Interior Wood
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Product Description:

Organiclear™ IWF-A is a "high solids" alkyd interior wood finish specially blended to protect the beauty of walls and woodwork. IWF-A provides a natural, non-glossy finish while allowing the oils and resins to penetrate the wood fibers and bring out the natural-grain beauty. The finish reduces excessive drying and prevents splintering, blistering, peeling or cracking. The microporous finish allows wood to breathe to insure that moisture doesn't get trapped in the walls. Wood surfaces finished with IWF-A are resistant to stains and scratches. Organiclear's™ IWF-A offers many of the same characteristics as IWF-P, with the added benefit of being tolerant to limited outdoor application such as garden furniture.


For best results, apply IWF liberally with a medium-fine bristle paint brush when the material is at room temperature. Start painting from the top of the interior wall. Depending upon the method of application and the porosity, texture and dryness of the wood, allow 200 - 400 square feet per gallon.  IWF is dry to the touch in about 2 hours and completely dry in 6-8 hours, depending upon temperature and humidity conditions in your area.  Use mineral spirits or paint thinner to clean brushes and equipment. Remove drips and spatters from all surfaces after completion. Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Why Buy Organiclear IWF Alkyd Interior Stain?

Easy to Apply, Quick Drying, Highlights Wood Grain, One-Coat Application, Oil-Enriched, Deeply Penetrating, Allows Wood to Breathe, Reduces Splitting and Checking, Prevents Splintering, Easy-to-Clean Surface, Water-Resistant, Ready-to-Use, Natural Clear or Color Stains

Product PDF's:  MSDS Sheet

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