Organiclear WR-5 Log Home Stain



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Primary Use: Sealing Interior or Exterior Logs, Siding or Fences
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Product Description:

Organiclear WR-5 is a superior exterior wood treatment that restores, preserves and enhances the natural beauty of your new or existing log home. The WR-5 offers a unique blend of deep-penetrating premium oils, resins and waxes to create for your home the ultimate long-lasting MOISTURE-GUARD™ barrier against harsh weather. To enhance wood life further, the WR-5 provides maximum protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage by combining sun blockers to absorb and control UV degradation, thus minimizing wood deterioration. For investment security, the WR-5 penetrating coating will also prevent wood from cracking or peeling. The ORGANICLEAR™ WR-5 yields a deluxe exterior finish that allows wood to "breathe" naturally through a micro porous film and prevents moisture penetration. Water beads up and rolls off the exterior wood surface. This protective coating brings out the natural grain beauty of the wood while preventing the wood from cracking and peeling. WR-5 is the perfect choice for the full realm of wood protection your home needs to stand the test of time.


Apply (1) coat of Organiclear WR-5 stain.  Temperature range should be between 50°F and 80°F.  Do not apply when hot, wet or windy weather conditions are expected within 36 hours.  Always wait for moisture to dry before application.  Allow 12-24 hours for drying. The temperature and humidity conditions may necessitate a longer drying period.  Finally, depending upon the method of application and the porosity, texture and dryness of the wood, allow 200 - 400 square feet per gallon for your coverage rate.

Why Buy Organiclear WR-5?

Water Repellent System, Beautifies Wood Grain, Ultraviolet (UV) Shield, Allows Wood to Breathe, Deep Penetrating, Easy Solvent Clean-Up, One-Coat Protection, Natural Clear and Color Stains

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