Outlast Q8 Log Oil - 5 Gallon


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Primary Uses:  Finishing Logs, Wood Siding, Fences or any other Vertical Wood Surface
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Product Description: OutlastTM Q8 Log Oil is an EPA registered exterior wood preservative specifically designed to control decay causing organisms  (and mold, termites, powder post beetles) in log homes and on wood siding.   It provides unsurpassed water repellency and sheer trans-oxide color with one coat coverage.  Q8 Log Oil is a totally non-film forming EXTERIOR treatment that will never crack or peel.  The trans-oxide pigment system provides excellent UV control that operates like a sunscreen to slow down graying of the wood and provide fade resistant color.  The solution soaks into the wood to provide protection, not just on the surface, but also deep into the wood cell structure.Q8 Log Oil offers unique flexibility in terms of application temperature ranges; log moisture content and delivery method. Q8 Log Oil meets all nationwide VOC requirements.

Application:  Apply (1) coat of Oulast Q8 Log Oil. Stir product well before use and stir occasionally during application to keep pigments suspended.  Intermix batches from different lot numbers AND intermix previously opened pails with factory sealed pails to ensure uniform color.  The fastest, easiest delivery method is by use of a pump-up type sprayer with a plastic or non-corrosive tip.  (Brass tip is NOT recommended.)  Airless spray applicators are not recommended due to excessive atomization and subsequent product loss. (Professionals may have airless equipment suitable for low-pressure applications, but do-it-yourselfers will have better results with the pump-up applicator.)  Apply as much liquid as the wood will absorb.  It is not necessary to "keep a wet edge" or to apply multiple coats or wet-on-wet coats. It is not necessary to clean out equipment until the job is finished, even if the job takes a week or more to complete!  When ready to do so, equipment can be cleaned with laundry detergent and water or mineral spirits if desired.

Why Buy Outlast Q8 Log Oil?

Single Coat-System, Advanced Rot Control, Stops Decay Fungi & Mold, Toxic to Termites and Powder Post Beetles, Superior Water Repellency, Beautiful Translucent Colors, EPA registered Wood Preservative, Controls cracking and Splitting, Meets all VOC Guidelines

Product PDF's: MSDS Sheet

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