StayClean I/E Mildewcide Additive - Treats 5 Gallons


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Primary Use: Deter Crawling Insects
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Product Description: 

Stay Clean I/E Mildewcide is an easy-mix liquid you simply put into any interior or exterior latex or oil-based finish, then mix thoroughly.  Apply finish as usual and Stay Clean adds mildew resistance without affecting the finish's durability, drying time, or color.   Please note that Stay Clean I/E does not kill mildew. It is a mildewcide additive that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on surfaces. One of the only thing that kills mildew is bleach. Stay-Clean I/E helps keep the mildew away after it is eliminated.


Add one package to 5-gallons and thoroughly mix.  Occassionally, stir during stain application.  For best results add to the first coat of stain.  It will last for 3-5 years depending on your weather conditions. 

Product PDF's: MSDS Sheet

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