Weatherall UV Guard Exterior Log Stain


  • The “Original” Log Home Stain
  • Natural Appearance
  • Extreme Durability
  • Easy Application
  • Simple Maintenance System

*Stain performs best when (1) coat of UV GUARD ADVANCE Clear Wood Finish  is used as the final topcoat.


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Primary Use: Sealing Interior or Exterior Logs, Siding or Fences
Shipping Time: 3-5 Business Days
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Product Description:

UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish was developed for use as an exterior wood finish for log homes and quality wood siding. It is also very effective when used as a coating on fences, shingles, and other vertical surfaces. UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish is also safe to use on interior wood surfaces and is especially good for areas that receive extra amounts of sunlight. UV GUARD stain is an exterior acrylic wood finish that contains highly advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers. These unique and effective additives give greater protection and longevity to wood surfaces that are continuously exposed to the harmful and destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun. 


Apply (2) coats of UV GUARD stain followed by (1) coat of UV GUARD ADVANCE Clear Wood Finish.  The temperature range should be between 40°F and 90°F.  Do not apply when hot, wet or windy weather conditions are expected within 36 hours.  Always wait for moisture to dry before application.  Allow 24-48 hours for complete dry. The temperature and humidity conditions may necessitate a longer drying period.  Finally, depending upon the method of application and the porosity, texture and dryness of the wood, allow 200 - 400 square feet per gallon for your coverage rate.  Clean up with soap and water.

Why Buy UV GUARD Exterior Wood Finish?

Superior UV Protection, Easy Application by Brush or Spray, Safe For Interior or Exterior Use, Excellent Moisture Protection, Engineered Green Qualified- Low VOC Formula, Water Clean Up, Low Odor, Compatible with Most Chinking & Caulking Materials & "The Original Log Home Stain".

 Product PDF's:  Datatech Sheet,  SDS Sheet, Brochure

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