Chinking and Energy Efficiency in Log Homes

Chinking and Other Energy Efficiency in Log HomesYou’ve chosen that perfect spot in the mountains, and you’re ready to build your dream home. If a log house is what you picture, keep in mind that energy efficiency is a great concern for those who own such homes. A plain log wall doesn’t even meet building code energy standards most of the time. If you build well, however, you can have a log home that’s both beautiful and energy-efficient. [Read more…]

4 Common Mistakes of DIY Chinking

Untitled2Chinking is a filler material that’s typically applied between the joints in log home constructions. Modern chinking products are far more advanced than their traditional mortar counterparts, but most retain the same overall appearance for a rustic finish. If you’re adding chinking to your home, it’s important to research the process carefully, so you don’t make these common mistakes. [Read more…]

Tools for Quality Chinking

Chinking is an attractive and functional addition to any log home. This material efficiently fills the gaps between logs, improving your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. You can apply chinking yourself, but it’s important to have the right tools on hand for the job.  [Read more…]

Chinking Repair—There’s Nothing Difficult About It

Log Cabin in middle of woods

So, it’s time for some chinking repair.  Oh yes, chinking materials have definitely evolved from ‘primitive’ to ‘impressive’!  In days of old, virtually any material that could be found was used as chinking to fill the gaps to keep out insect invasions, rodents, moisture and the bitter cold.  Everything from horse-hair to moss to dung to mud to newspaper was utilized to create as much of a barrier from the elements, as possible.  If a portion of the chinking deteriorated, plugging the vacancy with another splat of mud or wad of moss was easy to do. [Read more…]

Should You Put Chinking Over Cement?

A question that often gets asked from log-home owners is: “Is it OK to put chinking over cement?” and the answer is “Yes”, but that ‘yes’ answer is assuming the old cement is in good shape and isn’t showing signs of crumbling. Due to the heaviness of cement, this medium typically cracks which, unfortunately, will permit water to travel under thin edges. Older cement-based chinking materials have relatively low bond-strength and no elasticity. [Read more…]

How Much Chinking Do I Need for My Log Home?

Chinking for log homes can be used for aesthetic reasons or can be done to ensure the elements stay outside. Some homeowners like the look of chinking while others do not want to see any chinking on their home. It can be installed by professionals or homeowners. It takes a lot of patience, time and energy to get the job done properly. Below you will find coverage rates, installation tips and available colors. [Read more…]

Advice on Chinking, Log Stain & Log Home Supplies

Log stains, chinking and cabin caulking are staples for the preservation of your log home. Eventually, you will find yourself applying at least one of these materials if you own a log home.

It is always best to consult with your builder or application contractor before making a purchase. Chinking, caulking and stain are available in a number of colors, consistencies and performance ratings. Below you will find info to help guide you through the maze of log home products. [Read more…]

Chinking: The Best Product for Your Log Home

Triple Stretch chinking is designed to help keep bugs and the elements on the outside of your log home. It has been manufactured by the Weatherall Company for the past 30 years. It is one of the original products specifically designed for the log home market.

It can be purchased either in 5 gallon buckets or 29oz tubes. Triple Stretch chinking typically costs between $100-$275 depending on the size and quantity of material. Mountain Home Building Products is a leading distributor for Weatherall log home products. [Read more…]

Supplies for Log Homes: Chinking, Log Stain & Caulking For Log Homes

Log home supplies such as chinking, log home stain and cabin caulking are typically required in order to properly maintain your log structure. Mountain Home Building Product is a leading distributor of Sashco log home supplies such as Log Jam, Log Builder, Conceal, Chinker’s Edge, Transformation stain, Capture stain, High Sierra stain and Symphony interior clear finish. [Read more…]