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Traditional chinking material was used to form a weather tight joint so the wind, rain, snow, bugs and other elements stayed on the outside of your log home.  Today's chinking products are designed to look like the old time mortar but have much higher performance characteristics.  Most chinking products are designed to stand out from your wood which is why they have a heavy texture pattern and are typically installed in 1''- 4'' joints.  Installation is very common on western log homes but can be found in the east as well. The most common color is STONE because it resembles the look of old time cement. Finally, some chinking products can expand up to 75% of their original size but it is critical to apply stain and backer rod prior to application because it helps to ensure proper adhesion and elongation.  View our Chinking Application Tips.

Triple Stretch Chinking- 10.3oz


Triple Stretch Chinking- 30oz


Triple Stretch Chinking- 5 Gallon